Kazaam’s “Wheel of Wonder” Recognition Program

With every New Year comes new ideas, and new initiatives bigger and better than the year before. One of our BEST ideas for 2012, and a great way to inspire team building and camaraderie, is the Kazaam WHEEL OF WONDER *insert dramatic music here*.

Every month Kazaamers will be given tokens personally graced with their beautiful shinning and happy faces, with the intent on passing those tokens on to their co-workers. They will do this in recognition for someone putting in that little extra effort, going above and beyond in support of a task, leading others by “Kazaample”, or just a good ole fashioned job well done!

At the end of the month the Kazaamer with the most chips gets to spin the WHEEL OF WONDER *insert dramatic music and applause here*!! A Spin of the Wheel grants a chance to win from various prizes ranging from a full paid day off, a gift card, free lunch with Deb, or the most coveted and mysterious of treasures: “TOM’S BAG OF CRAP” (contents unknown, but highly acclaimed).

All of the Kazaamers are looking forward to this new way to recognize each other and join in the fun of spinning the Kazaam Wheel of Wonder! 2012, bring it!

  1. #1 by Karla T on January 2, 2012 - 8:28 pm

    Great idea, though the employees at my company would try to cash them in at Parx. Love it!

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