Kazaam Teams Up with MeMa Mates

"MeMa Mates – we’re that friendly neighbor you call when you need some extra help. Our goal is to instill a positive force in every community we serve."

It’s pretty cool when you can watch a business blossom right next door. It’s cooler when this business’ main goals are to bolster community spirit and lend a helping hand to those who need it. And it’s even cooler when you can play a part in helping this business grow.

For the past couple months, Kazaam’s energetic and dedicated team of interns helped to design and develop a website for MeMa Mates LLC, a group of altruistic individuals who you call when you need some extra help inside or outside your home. They provide a myriad of services that many people find difficult or don’t have the time to complete, such as renovating a room or taking a trip to the grocery store.

The main goal of MeMa Mates is to bolster and maintain the spirit of community in Newtown, and in the future, to spread the MeMa mission to as many communities as possible.

The Kazaamers who worked on the website were Shayne Eisenhower (Interaction Designer), Andrew Foltyn (Marketing Coordinator), Liz Kelly (Interactive Designer), Jason Oller (Web Developer), and Lisa Stefany (Copywriter).

Andrew DelQuadro (Digital Media Planner and Producer) managed the project.

The goal of the Kazaam and MeMa Mates partnership was to create an informative and user-friendly website using WordPress, and then transfer this website to the MeMa Mates team so that they could easily and independently manage the site.

This goal became a reality and the MeMa Mates site is up and running.

The website’s homepage includes a three-panel slider that introduces MeMa Mates three-tiered audience: Seniors, Two-Career Families, and Single Parents.  These groups of people are most likely to need help around or inside the home.

MeMa Mates offers services to Seniors, who may not have the skills or energy to accomplish tasks in and around the house.

MeMa Mates provides Two-Career Families with some breathing room and time to do the stuff they really enjoy.

Single Parents are some of the most hardworking people out there, and MeMa Mates knows this.


The homepage also includes call-outs to learn more about the organization’s history and mission; the extent of their services; and MeMa Mates’ primary customers.  The bottom of the page includes blurbs about the organization’s “Acts of Kindness,” special offers, and mentions in local news.

This callout links to the "Who We Are" section of the website, which includes MeMa Mates' history and mission, testimonials, and FAQs.

This callout is updated whenever MeMa Mates participates in a local activity or is mentioned in the news.


The site has a global callout on the right-hand side that states MeMa Mates’ rates, phone number, and provides an option to subscribe to their Newsletter.

While Shayne Eisenhower contributed to the bulk of the site’s design, Liz Kelly revamped the MeMa Mates logo. She managed to simplify it without compromising its core message and features.

I really enjoyed updating the logo. It was a bit of a challenge, though, because MeMa Mates does so much for the community and I wanted to make sure to capture as much as possible. – Liz

The friendly house – with its swirling chimney smoke and graphics of pets, tools, and holiday decor – definitely conveys the neighborly and accommodating principles behind MeMa Mates.

Besides helping to develop the site, Jason Oller also trained Jim and ChaCha’s nephew Barry on how to use WordPress. The Kazaam team wanted to make sure that he would feel comfortable updating and making changes to the site after it went live.

Jim and ChaCha Williams, primary owners and founders of MeMa Mates, worked with the Kazaam Team each step of the design and development process to ensure that the website was customized to their needs and specifications.

Jim, a handy man with a big heart.

ChaCha loves turning houses into homes.

All in all, the project was very successful and both teams worked together very well.

Working with Jim and ChaCha to create copy for the site was a really cool experience. Their dedication to and passion for MeMa Mates is really inspiring. I have no doubt that their organization will continue to grow. – Lisa

From one friendly neighbor to another, Kazaam wishes MeMa Mates the best of luck in their journey. And we thank Jim and ChaCha deeply for the opportunity to contribute to such a benevolent cause.

The one and only "MeMa," inspiration for the name "MeMa Mates."




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    I would love to get involved in this in Central NJ. Would love to cook for the home bound.

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