The “New Rules” Of Social Media

The AdTech Conference in New York City provided me with a wealth of information on all aspects of interactive advertising. While attending the Social Media sessions, I listened to multiple speakers discuss industry trends, value chains, geo loco advertising tactics, successful brand case studies, blogosphere status updates, and more! Below is some valuable information for those looking to launch a successful social media campaign.

Highlighted in Cheryl Stallworth’s session ‘Social Media Big Picture,’ there has been a shift in the balance of power for brands and consumers today. Unlike before, consumers are now in control, and marketers feel as if they are on the outside looking in. This is largely accredited to the rise in social media.

Social media can be an extremely influential marketing tactic for brands when properly executed. Although there are no formal best practices to follow when creating a social media campaign, below are a few tips shared during Cheryl’s presentation:

Always engage your customer – use social media to drive interaction with your brand. Simply having a Facebook Page does not mean your campaign will be successful. Make sure to captivate visitors by posting relevant content and fostering communication.

Be inclusive, not intrusive – consumers respond well to the inclusivity that social media can create. However, there is a fine line between being part of a valued consumer community or being a disruptive marketing channel. Provide value to consumers such as industry information, promotions, or coupons without being overbearing. After all, you want your consumers to enjoy the time they spend with your brand!

Build credibility with consumers through humanization – consumers don’t want to talk to brands, they want to talk with humans about brands. This change challenges marketers to rethink strategies and behave less like a brand and more like a friend to consumers. Holding conversations that are more casual, rather than corporate, is what consumers want.

Social media campaigns get consumers to the point of purchase while developing a strong and entertaining relationship along the way. Following these new “rules of marketing” may be difficult for those used to more traditional ways, however many brands are finding exponential growth due to social media campaigns. The shift of power between consumers and marketers is a change that is not going away… we must embrace what Cheryl described as the new “Consumer Dictatorship!”

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